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May 19th 2011.

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June 12, 2011

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in Uruguay with the Rocha Zone

Hermana Walton (Las Vegas) and Hermana Lee (Ohio)
These are the new missionaries for La Paloma. They enjoy singing and playing the piano in addition to sharing the Gospel.

Thanksgiving was celebrated in Uruguay by our Zone on the Monday the 29th of November. The following are some of the pictures of the activities and preparation for the feast!
Hermana Hegerhorst and Taylor starting the preparations
Peeling the potatoes, some good help in the kitchen, Pres. & Hermana Taylor and Janice

The Urugauyan version of a BBQ, they call it an ASADO. You start the fire on the left side and wait for the coals to drop and then pull them under the grate on the right side. This time the coals were so HOT that I could hardly get close to the grill. I used the cardboard box to help shield me from the heat but it did not work very well. The chicken got a little burnt with the heat being so high, but trying to cook 20 huge chicken breast all at the same time I did not have any other option. The burns will heal ...right???? just kidding

While the old people were preparing the food the young were playing or taking it easy. Elder Woods (Arizona) found a lady Jennifer from Montana to play some tennis with. They were pretty evenly matched and were very glad to find someone to be able to play with. They both had a great time!

Some of the Elders taking it easy after District Meetings, impatiently waiting for food!
I put them to work!

I had them trim the hedge that separates our house from the neighbors.
They did a great job! Thanks Elders!!

Some of them headed up to the top of the light house. If you look real close you can see them on top the the lighthouse. This is taken from our front lawn using a 10x power zoom lens.

This is the results of all the hard work and preparation, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans (or at least something that looks like them) sweet potatoes, jello salad, dressing, rolls and a marinated chicken breast (or burnt offering). It all got eaten and then some!
The feeding frenzy has begun

Hermana Walton (left) and Hermana Lee both looking very content after the meal........but wait there is more!!!!!!! Dessert

For dessert we had sweet potato pie (no pumpkins here) and a huge apple pie.
They both turned out great!

Right out of the oven, the sweet potato pie was really tall but settled as it cooled.
It finally got do cooking just after midnight. It did not want to cook!

Pres. Taylor was very content with the meal and was trying to catch a few ZZZZ but with all these friends around it was a bit difficult. One of his turkey friends decided to come visit for a bit.