We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cabo Palonio

The Taylor's and us went to visit another lighthouse (Faro) and the surrounding community this past week. This is the building where you buy tickets for the big trucks that take you through about 3 kilometers of sand to get to the community. This is the only way into Cabo Palonio. Everything is trucked in and the only electricity is for the Faro or by generators. There were people from all over the world visiting. We met people from Holland, Brazil, Chile and of course Uruguay on our trip.

The 4x4 truck that we took out to the Cabo Palonio

The truck loading up the people, roughly 25 people can get on the truck. They have several truck that bring the people in and out of the community.

Elder John and Hermana Alicia Taylor and us
The view of the deeply rutted sandy road that the truck take to the community

The ocean, we are almost there!

The beaches were very pretty and the surfers were in the water!

Coming in to the community, which was a lot bigger than what I had imagined it would be.

Getting a little closer to the community and the Faro.

An old fishing boat that makes a good background for a photo of Janice and Dan

We ate lunch in a restaurant with the Taylor's. The service was very slow and the food was expensive and not that great! The restaurant had its own generator for electricity. The bathrooms were scary

A group shot. Our table overlooked a patio that was right on the beach the view was great.

The community was full of little booths selling different nic naks for souvenirs. Alicia found a scarf and the rest of us enjoyed looking at all the stuff.........

The house that is built upon a ROCK

The Faro was closed, so we could not get to the top. That was a disappointment.

Cabo Palonio is know for it lobo marines...sea lions. if you look close you can see them on the rocks.

We are on an observation deck at the base of the Faro, the sea lions are behind us on the rocks.

This guy was off by himself and way up on top of the tall rock. He must have gotten up there at high tide and now it is a long drop to the water. Oh well he says I wanted another nap anyways ...ZZZZZ

I am not totally sure what this is, a torpedo, buoy, I don't know but it was something to tell where we were at.

Ruben Bica, Hermana Rachael Givens, Hermana Kelsey Orme, Elder Boyce and Elder Castillo. We gave Ruben his new wheelchair that Rachael had brought with her from Utah. Many miracles occurred in order to get his chair to him in Uruguay. It was great to see the joy on his face to see Hermana Rachael and Hermana Kelsey again. Both had served in La Paloma and Hermana Rachael was the one that taught Ruben and got him baptized. The new wheelchair was a distant 3rd in importance compared to seeing the visiting Hermanas. It was great to be there and see it.

Ruben in his new chair with Hermana Rachael Givens and Herman Kelsey Orme.

We had a Branch activity at the Church so everyone could come and visit with Hermana Givens and Orme. This is Pedro Rojas who Hermana Givens taught and helped him get baptized. He loves the missionaries and especially Hermana Givens. Pedro is 83 years old and has been a member of the Church for a little over 2 years. He received the Melquisedic priesthood Sunday and the office of an Elder. He is preparing to go to the Temple on May 14th. He is very excited to go!
Hermana Orme and Pedro Rojas

If you have food.....they will come

Mark and Sue Orme outside the Faro Santa Maria (built in 1874) in La Paloma

Mark and I climbed the stairs to the top of the light house........where is the elevator????

Mark enjoying the awesome view from the top of the Faro

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is the water filter in the Church in Rocha. I feel much better that they are drinking filtered water......but all sharing 3 glasses......
it appears something got missed in the explanation of clean water

This is the room where the English speakers got to listen to General Conference in the Rocha building! It was awesome! The schedule was 1-3pm Saturday morning session, 5-7pm Saturday afternoon session, 9-11pm priesthood session and then we caught the 11:30pm bus back to La Paloma and Sunday catch the 12:15pm bus to Rocha for the 1-3pm session and 5-7pm session. It was an awesome weekend but a bit we were a bit tired after.

Our little group waiting at the bus terminal for the Saturday bus. Left Nelly (investigating the Church) Elder Boyce, Castillo, Elizabeth Glattli and Ruben Bica.

I gave Elder Boyce the opportunity to learn how to help Ruben on and off the bus. Sorry the picture in blurry. That is Ruben riding on Elder Boyce's back off the bus.

Elder Boyce lowering Ruben into his awaiting wheelchair on the sidewalk in Rocha on the way to the Church in Rocha.

A husband and wife that works at the hardware store had triplets! Janice decided to make them blankets!

The finished blankets wrapping up much needed diapers for the triplets.

Elder John Taylor, Hermana Alicia Taylor and Hermana Janice Hegerhorst, Elder Hegerhorst at the Montevideo Temple in April. We try to get to the Temple once a month. It is great to get together.

Ruben's old wheelchairs seat was ripping so Janice and Myrna sewed him an new one. I am trying to put holes in the fabric with a hot wire so the hole will seal and not fray.

Janice testing out the new seat on the wheelchair while Ruben emails all of the old missionaries that have passed through La Paloma.

A random cart that was being pulled down the road in Castillos. It looks like an old lawnmower converted into a cart

Ahh you know a motorcycle truck......... they have them all over in the States right???

Hermana Givens, Orme and new wheelchair

Ruben Bica, Rachael Given, Kelsey Orme, Elder Boyce and Elder Castillo. Hermana's Givens and Orme served a mission in Uruguay and came back for a visit. They stayed at our home. Hermana Givens brought a new wheelchair with her that the Church donated to Ruben. Hermana Givens was the one that taught Ruben and got him baptized. To him she is an angel! His life has changed so much with the gospel of Jesus Christ to guide and direct him. He was so happy to see her that the wheelchair was a distant second in importance.

Ruben and Rachael Givens, Kelsy Orme

We held an activity in the Branch so the members could all come and see and talk with these to special missionaries. This is Pedro Rojas who was taught by Hermana Givens also. He is 83 years old and will be ordained an Elder tomorrow. He is getting ready to go to the Temple and is very excited!

More of the Branch members at that activity for Hermana Givens and Orme.
Left: Susana Nunez, Maria Fabra, Rachael Givens, Ulises Rocha, Alba Pereyra, Alidema Muniz, Myrna Gomez y Artigas Molfino