We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunrise and Rocha Lagoon

Sunrise in La Paloma, don't you wish you were here!
One of the local birds. very annoying bird especially in the spring when they are nesting!
Sunrise with the Lighthouse
Sunrise with my "companion"
Sunrise again!
Janice, Hermana Walton, Kelly and I went for a 3 plus hour bicycle ride to the Rocha Lagoon. These are some of the photos from the trip.
Looking back towards La Paloma with a 10x zoom lens. There is on tall building in La Paloma and that is what you can see above the trees.
The Lagoon, the water level was down but it was till very pretty.
Janice, Hermana Walton and Kelly at the end of the road sign.

It was a very fun trip and we are glad we made trip!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Janice just had to know what the facilities looked like in the "Mens" restroom in a upscale resturant that we visited with some other missionaries. She was so interested I thought that some of the rest of you might be also!?
Most of the toilets do not have seats on them, people steal them I guess. This is the same in the "Womens" restroom as well Janice tells me.

The stall next door was a pit in the floor that you stand / squat over and then water flushes it clean, more or less.

The urinal in a wall of stainless steel with a trough at the bottom.....
This is a picture that Ruben painted that we really liked. He sales these for 150 pesos or about $7.50 each. They work really cheap here.
The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful here. If only the camera would capture it fully. Enjoy!!!

This is one of the most cleverly designed horse drawn carts that I have seen. There are many different types of carts that use the streets with the cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles ect....
At our Chapel we should issue "hard hats"!! The edge of the roof is falling apart and crashing to the walkway below. Of course it is concrete that is falling. We are trying to get if fixed but....manana is still very strong here!
The roof area that is falling apart
More roof area that is about to fall apart
We went for a bike ride trying to find a route to the Rocha Lagoon. It was a fun ride and we got to see some interesting and beautiful scenery and things.
I really like the safe scaffolding they built for this house.
The parking at the beach out at Anaconda
Janice, Hermana Walton and Kelly waiting for me to catch up
Hermana Kelly trying to get through the sandy road. It is a bit tough going in sand on a bicycle.
One of the Hotels on the beach, one of our Branch members live here and help maintain it.