We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is the water filter in the Church in Rocha. I feel much better that they are drinking filtered water......but all sharing 3 glasses......
it appears something got missed in the explanation of clean water

This is the room where the English speakers got to listen to General Conference in the Rocha building! It was awesome! The schedule was 1-3pm Saturday morning session, 5-7pm Saturday afternoon session, 9-11pm priesthood session and then we caught the 11:30pm bus back to La Paloma and Sunday catch the 12:15pm bus to Rocha for the 1-3pm session and 5-7pm session. It was an awesome weekend but a bit we were a bit tired after.

Our little group waiting at the bus terminal for the Saturday bus. Left Nelly (investigating the Church) Elder Boyce, Castillo, Elizabeth Glattli and Ruben Bica.

I gave Elder Boyce the opportunity to learn how to help Ruben on and off the bus. Sorry the picture in blurry. That is Ruben riding on Elder Boyce's back off the bus.

Elder Boyce lowering Ruben into his awaiting wheelchair on the sidewalk in Rocha on the way to the Church in Rocha.

A husband and wife that works at the hardware store had triplets! Janice decided to make them blankets!

The finished blankets wrapping up much needed diapers for the triplets.

Elder John Taylor, Hermana Alicia Taylor and Hermana Janice Hegerhorst, Elder Hegerhorst at the Montevideo Temple in April. We try to get to the Temple once a month. It is great to get together.

Ruben's old wheelchairs seat was ripping so Janice and Myrna sewed him an new one. I am trying to put holes in the fabric with a hot wire so the hole will seal and not fray.

Janice testing out the new seat on the wheelchair while Ruben emails all of the old missionaries that have passed through La Paloma.

A random cart that was being pulled down the road in Castillos. It looks like an old lawnmower converted into a cart

Ahh you know a motorcycle truck......... they have them all over in the States right???

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