We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cabo Palonio

The Taylor's and us went to visit another lighthouse (Faro) and the surrounding community this past week. This is the building where you buy tickets for the big trucks that take you through about 3 kilometers of sand to get to the community. This is the only way into Cabo Palonio. Everything is trucked in and the only electricity is for the Faro or by generators. There were people from all over the world visiting. We met people from Holland, Brazil, Chile and of course Uruguay on our trip.

The 4x4 truck that we took out to the Cabo Palonio

The truck loading up the people, roughly 25 people can get on the truck. They have several truck that bring the people in and out of the community.

Elder John and Hermana Alicia Taylor and us
The view of the deeply rutted sandy road that the truck take to the community

The ocean, we are almost there!

The beaches were very pretty and the surfers were in the water!

Coming in to the community, which was a lot bigger than what I had imagined it would be.

Getting a little closer to the community and the Faro.

An old fishing boat that makes a good background for a photo of Janice and Dan

We ate lunch in a restaurant with the Taylor's. The service was very slow and the food was expensive and not that great! The restaurant had its own generator for electricity. The bathrooms were scary

A group shot. Our table overlooked a patio that was right on the beach the view was great.

The community was full of little booths selling different nic naks for souvenirs. Alicia found a scarf and the rest of us enjoyed looking at all the stuff.........

The house that is built upon a ROCK

The Faro was closed, so we could not get to the top. That was a disappointment.

Cabo Palonio is know for it lobo marines...sea lions. if you look close you can see them on the rocks.

We are on an observation deck at the base of the Faro, the sea lions are behind us on the rocks.

This guy was off by himself and way up on top of the tall rock. He must have gotten up there at high tide and now it is a long drop to the water. Oh well he says I wanted another nap anyways ...ZZZZZ

I am not totally sure what this is, a torpedo, buoy, I don't know but it was something to tell where we were at.


  1. What a cool experience! The houses are very interesting.

  2. What fun!!! I can't believe you will be back so soon---where has the time gone?