We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walton & Farnsworth, Fabiana Baptism & stuff

Elizabeth Glattli invited Hermana Walton, Farnsworth and Janice and I along with a few friend over to her house for an asado (BBQ) to say goodbye to the hermanas. They were being transfered. Hermana Walton was not able to attend because she was called to attend a special meeting in Montevideo that day. So Hermana Grow came to be with Hermana Farnsworth for the day and got to attend the asado! Elizabeth insisted that I do the cooking! Everything turned out great for never cooking most of it before. We had blood sausage (2 different types), kidney, Chivitos (sausage), ribs, chicken and some other types of sausages. We tried everything and was glad there was enough chicken for us. The locals can have that other stuff!

Elizabeth Glattli explaining that she is in charge and has the big knife to prove it!!

Left to right: Marisa, Hermana Andrea Farnsworth, Hermana Grow, Esther Presa, Ruben Bica all getting ready for the feast to begin!!

The District Leader Elder Derek Ian Wally and his companion Elder Christenson came to La Paloma to interview Fabiana Guerra for Baptism and a lunch prepared by the Hegerhorst's

Some of the asado left overs we got the Elders to eat. Blood sausage and ribs
One of the local caterpillars here. This one was very bright green and looked like astroturf walking.

This trip was full of the wild life of La Paloma, this is an armor plated worm. They are 8-10" long.

Hermana Walton, Fabiana Guerra and Benyamin and Hermana Farnsworth at Fabiana's baptism. She wanted to be baptized in the ocean and her wish came true and she wanted me to do it!!! Way Cool!!!

Walking into the ocean to preform the baptism. The water was cool but not freezing cold like I expected. It was a really fun experience to baptize her in the ocean.

Just after the baptism

The Priesthood had a conference in Chuy and the Hermanas had an activity night with some of the young ladies in our Branch, fingernail painting and pizza! What a fun time they had!

The pizzas created by themselves!

A flower at the nursery where we purchased some potting soil for Ruben to plant some plants in.

Shirly and Silvina, they are Ruben's sister and niece.

Elder Castillo (from Peru, this is his first area in the Mission) and Boyce (from Fulsom CA, the trainer)

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