We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 1 May 18 - 23

Monday, May 18th

We finished a great visit with my family in Bruneau and drove to N. Ogden and visited with Greg & Laura Spend love (Janice’s brother and sister in law and their son Josh and his family. It was great to see them and catch up with each others lives. Josh had served his mission in Uruguay and was very helpful with information that we needed. We then proceeded to Lindon Utah to Keith and Suzanne Leavitt’s home. Suzanne is Janice’s step sister. They have been most gracious and offered us a guest bedroom while we are studying at the Mission Training Center (MTC) prior to our formal report date of June 29th. The accommodations are great and it has been great to get to know them better.

Tuesday May 19th 2009

We arrived at the MTC at 10:30 and checked in at the front desk and found that we had already missed one of our tutoring sessions. We had not been informed of our schedule so we did not know that we had a 9:00 AM session. We met our Tudor Marisol Vargas and she gave a quick lesson that morning. We also arranged for parking and our meal cards. The place is huge and very well organized and efficient. It is an awesome experience to be able to be part of the mission experience. They have assigned us our own classroom and we have tutors twice a day or more. One morning session and an afternoon session. The rest of the time is spent doing homework from the tutoring sessions or at meals. We spend about 10-12 hours per day at the MTC. The tutors are great and very helpful.

Wednesday - Thursday

Morning and afternoon tutoring sessions and we meet several other senior couples that were preparing to go on missions. It is great to talk to them and here where they are going and their experiences. The spirit is very strong and everyone is very helpful. The language is coming slowly but our tutors keep encouraging us telling us we are doing great. There is a lot to learn and we have some good days and some not so good days. We met with Maria Johnson, she is in charge of the senior couples training program. She was very helpful and gave us a lot of helpful ideas and said some things that encouraged us to know we will be able to learn the language. We are on the LORDS errand and he will provide what we need if we work for it.

Friday May 22

Morning session was a bit of a blur for me (Dan). I had taken a muscle relaxer pill to try to get rid of a stiff shoulder and neck (new bed). I guess I had taken too big of a dose( 1 pill instead of 1/2) and it made me feel really groggy so I did not get as much out of the session as I could have. In the afternoon session we had a volunteer visitor that speaks Spanish come and we got to talk to him and ask questions and answer his questions. WOW we don’t know much of the language yet. We were a bit discouraged but our tutor said we did great with the short amount time we have been studying the language. Friday night we went to the Timpanogus temple with the Leavitt’s ward. They had 38 people from the ward at the session. They usually have about 70 at the session. It was Memorial Day weekend and many were out of town. They all meet at someone home after for a late potluck meal and visit with each other. They ward members welcomed us and we had a great time.


No Tutoring sessions on the weekend. We are going into the MTC to clean our classroom and study.


We are going to a Spanish branch in Provo at 11:00 AM and in the afternoon we have been invited to Carl & Mable Hegerhorst’s in Benjamin Utah for dinner. They have invited their family to attend. It will bee great to see them and my cousins and their families. I have not seen many of them for many years.


  1. Good job with the blog! It is very informational and it feels in a lot of detail which is nice to know! We are so excited for you to go on your mission and will support you 110% until you get back! I wish I could see the MTC, that is always something I have been curious about since we left my brother there for his mission. We are proud of you guys and your examples to us! But I am not going to lie we are SO EXCITED to see you in 5 days! We can't wait!! Travel safe! Love ya!

  2. Love the Blog! while not your children, we too are very excited and impressed with your example to serve. Learning a new language can be so hard, I am sure you will be blessed for your efforts and sacrifce to be there early to learn and serve. Sounds like a great adventure already...
    Doug Amanda and Addy

  3. we are soooo excited for you. How wonderful we are praying for ya.