We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 5th to August 9th

Wednesday, August 5th
We worked at the office doing reimbursements and various other tasks. That evening Elder Solomon and Session invited us to attend a discussion they had lady named Alba Garcia, she is in her 60´s and wanted to meet someone older so the missionaries invited us to go with them. Alba spoke English pretty well and wanted to practice with us. She really liked to talk with Janice. They really seemed to hit it of well. The one hour discussion turned into 2 hours. She really like the scriptures that she had been asked to read and read even more that what was asked. She is in real need of a friend so we invited her to come to Church and meet some new people that would be her friend. She is very reluctant to leave the house and was coming up with excuses. She did say that she would think about it. The missionaries have another appointment with her on Saturday night so the will ask her again. We finally made it home at 7:30 and needed to prepare for the meal we cook for the missionaries each Thursday. This week they had requested biscuits and gravy. We had practiced last Friday on Elder Solomon so we felt confident we could make it. We were making the biscuits from scratch with ingredients that we could find in Uruguay. We were doing really well until Janice put the wrong amount of milk into the recipe so she had to double the doubled flour portion to make up for the milk error. Then we discovered that we had too much flour and not enough milk, but we were out of milk in the house so we improvised and use vanilla yogurt as milk. It turned our great. We also made fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese frosting and oranges, kiwi & pineapple as the fruit topping and of course it would not be meal without a salad so we made a huge salad. We finished up about 11:00 PM and went to bed.
Thursday, August 6th
We had the Elders call us a taxi to bring all the food to the Mission Office. It cost about 100 pesos and a pass along card. The morning was spent doing office tasks and preparing the rest of the meal. Janice still needed to make the gravy part of the biscuits and gravy. The lunch went very well and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. This week we had 10 because the assistants to the President were back from their trips to visit all the Missionaries. We stayed late working on the reimbursements so we could finish it the next morning. We have 3 of the accounts that would not balance and will have to be reviewed by Elders Solomon & Sessions. We took the bus home and I seen a bus that said it was going to an area that was close to our home so we took it. We were doing fine until it took a left turn and headed in the wrong direction. We finally recognized some landmarks and got off the bus. Very few of the streets have street signs showing the street name. Some of the houses have the street name as well as the house numbers on them. It makes it very difficult to find your way around with out street name signs especially in the dark at 8:00 PM. We finally made it home and learned from that bus experience.
Friday, August 7th
We stayed at the house in the morning waiting for a delivery of our water bottles. They were supposed to deliver them at 9:30 AM and at 12:30 I had one of the Elders call the company and change the delivery to the next Thursday and change the amount from 2 bottles to 5 so we only have to wait around once a month instead of each week. We arrived at the office and discovered that the Internet was down so I called the Church systems person to fix it. He came the to the office and discovered that the problem was with the Internet Service provider so he got them working on the problem. Unfortunately the company is a state owned company and only work M-F 9 to 5 and it was 4:00PM when we got in touch with them. We had reports that need to be transmitted to Argentina that could not go out. Not a good thing!
We had been invited to attend a married couples dinner tonight. It started at 8:30 PM. We arrived at 8:32PM and were the first to arrive. The room was not set up, the food was not there yet. We helped the Brother that was in charge of the event set up the tables and chairs. Set out the plates and utensils and bring the food in from the car. It is now close to 9:00PM and one other couple was there. It turns out he works nights and had to go to work at 9:15 PM. At 9:15 one other couple had arrived and we sent Genaro off to work on his bicycle with a meal in his backpack. Other couples trickled in and they finally started the meal at 10:00 PM. The meal was cold and most were putting them dinners in the microwave to heat it back up. This is typical for Uruguay I am told and they would stay until after midnight and talk and eat. We had to leave a bit before 11:00 PM. We were going to walk Sandra (Genero’s wife) home and them walk home but the 2nd councilor would not let us walk so he drove us all home. It was a really fun evening trying to communicate with the ward members. Many of them can speak quite well but are reluctant to speak because they may make a mistake. This sound very familiar!! We got home about 11:00PM and went directly to bed.
Saturday, August 8th
We did our morning chores of sweeping, moping and doing laundry. We were invited to a BBQ in honor of Elder Powers who is one of the assistants to the President . Elder Powers is leaving for home next week and one of the people in his ward wanted to make him a going a way meal. We made a huge potato salad the day before, again being creative with our ingredients. The salad turned out great and the missionaries loved it. The BBQ was awesome and we all ate way too much. It was great. Janice spent the rest of that afternoon cleaning the kitchen in the Mission Office. The cupboards, the bowls, the plates, the utensils, and everything in between. I think it was kind of a self defense disease prevention project instead of just being nice to the missionaries. She spends some time in the kitchen on Thursdays and it has been giving her the creeps. I am sure it will be much better when she is done!!
We have an appointment with Elder & Sister Wilson who serve at the Uruguay Temple to come to their house at 6:00 PM and they will let us use their phone to call home. We still do not have internet access at our home and do not know when we will. We spent 3 hours at the Wilson's talking about missions and Uruguay. They also let us use their telephones and we were able to call our children and mothers. It was great to finally be back in contact with them. It was about 9:30PM when we started for the bus stops. Elder's Solomon and Sessions had borrowed our computer so they could show a DVD to Alba. They stopped by our house and we were not there so they called and came to our rescue and gave us a ride home.
Sunday August 9th.
We walked to church with an investigator that was told we did not speak or understand much Spanish but that did not seem to slow her down. She talked non stop the 3 blocks to the Church. We actualy understood some of what she said, it was amazing. Sacrament meeting started late and ended later. The invetigator had to leave and go to work but the Elders said she enjoyed the meeting. They had a young man with them also. It is great to be apart of the work here in the Ward and Mission.
We were set apart as the Young Single Adult representatives in the ward during the Sunday School class of the YSA. The bishop had just laid his hands on my head when his cell phone went off. I said “el espiritu” which means the Holy Ghost and everyone except the Bishop laughed. The Bishop was too busy turning red from the embarrassment of having his cell phone go off.
Elder Solomon is being transferred to Durazno this week so we had him and Elder Sessions over to the house for a waffle dinner Sunday night. They really enjoyed the meal and it was great to get to know them better and thank him for all the help he has been to us.

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