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May 19th 2011.

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June 12, 2011

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baptism Temple Trip May 7, 2010

This is a picture of all but one of the people from our branch that went on our second official temple trip. From left to right we have Hna. Dominichi, Ruben, Lucia, (granddaughter of Hna Dominichi) and Elizabeth. Hna. Dominichi has been a member for about 30 years but has never been to the temple. Lucia was baptized in March, so this was her first temple trip. Elizabeth was baptized in February. This was Rubens 3rd time to the temple, but his first time to do baptisms. Ruben, Lilian, and I were able to do a session while were were in the temple also.

This was these 3 sisters first time to the temple to do baptisms. We were also able to do baptisms for three of Elizabeth's family members, 4 of Ruben's, and our Relief Society Pres. had 9 of her family members baptized that day. Dan and I have learned how to use the New Family Search program and were able to enter the information for their family members. We can even muddle through it in Spanish too! There is so much family history we can do in the branch, but our biggest challenge is helping the members find the information. They don't keep family records very well here. So that is one of our next "learn how to do it in Spanish" projects.
After the temple we went to the Hostel at the Temple and ate our sack lunches. We were lucky enough to meet this cute young sister, Victoria, (far left). She had done some baptisms that morning also and Dan found out she spoke English. So he asked her help translate for us with our group. Since we didn't have a translator with us. She was happy to help! Turns out she is going to school to be an English Translator, so it was great experience for her and she was great help for us.

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