We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chuy & Spring Blossoms

A blossom from a flowering tree that is real common in La Paloma,
most are red and a few are yellow
A rose blossom

The tree next to the Church in Rocha was covered in violet blossoms.
The picture does not do it justice. It was very pretty

This is the Chapel in Chuy.
The town straddles the Uruguay and Brazil border.

We had to get a picture showing that we had been in Brazil.
Mitch our son served his mission in Northern Brazil in Manaus (sp?)

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  1. Loved seeing all the colorful flowers around you. Thinking of you as we our making a pot of Taco Soup!

    Love Shannon, Mike & family