We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Branch Christmas Photo and Baby Quilts

Picture of those members at Church December 26th. Hermana Lee wanted a group photo before she went home on the 29th of December. We wish her the best of luck in her new life after the "Mission"!

Ruben is going to be a grandpa! His daughter is having twins! Janice thought it would be nice to make the babies a quilt. So with a bit of creativeness she made it happen and Ruben and Hermana Kelly helped her.
We put together a make-shift frame and they tied the quilt in our dining room.
Ruben, Janice and Hermana Kelly tying the quilts

The finished product all wrapped up and ready to be given to his daughter. We traveled to Castillos to use Hermana Taylor's sewing machine to bind the edges. The quilts turned out great. They did a great job on them and the daughter was thrilled to have them!

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