We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010 in La Paloma

The La Paloma Branch's Christmas Party. We had a great time and the Spirit was strong!
Hermana Lee and Walton singing Oh Holy Night.

The food was great and the members stayed and visited and got to know each other. They had a great time.
Nelida showing off the pictures we gave her of her Temple trip. When she got married for time and all eternity. That was a great trip!
The Summer is here! The buses are beyond full. We ended up standing for the hour long trip to Castillos. We went to visit with the Taylors.
Our youth activities continue and the youth seem to have a good time and enjoy the activities and treats.
Hermana Lee showing Hermana Walton how to make an Ohio favorite treat. Buckeyes, they were great and we were really grateful that Hermana Lee was willing to share her prized peanut butter with us.

The finished results!!

A Christmas season guest at Ruben's house. He seen me coming and got away.......for a few days and then Hermana Hegerhorst.......got him!!!!

Janice decided that she would start early making cinnamon twists and make the dough the night before........this was the result the next morning.....the oozing dough was a mess!

The finished results, she gave this tray to Ruben for a big family party they had the 24th. At first they did not know what they were and would not eat them. Then one the young men tried one and then they went FAST!

We had Christmas eve lunch with Hermana Walton and Lee. We made homemade pizza and it was awesome!

Hermana Walton and Lee made us Christmas breakfast, scrambled eggs with onions and peppers, hash browns, bacon, fresh fruit, juice and they let us supplement it with cinnamon twists. Wow it was great!

This is our version of a Christmas Tree! The presents are set under a table with a nativity set. No these are not all our presents, they are for 5 people.
Herman Walton and Lee showing off the paintings that Ruben did for them. We gave them blank wood and they got to choose what they wanted hm to paint. Hermana Walton has a seascape with the Santa Maria Faro (lighthouse) and the Las Vegas Temple. Hermana Lee has the Washington DC Temple and the Columbus Ohio Temple.
Hermana Walton and Lee made up these stocking with all these goodies for Janice and I.
So far they have not been opened!

Ruben got some sugar free candy from Janice's Mom and Dad. He was thrilled to have it. It did not last long though!
Ruben is a HUGE fan of soccer and the team (National) he dislikes the most has the colors red, white and blue. Hermana Walton loves to tease him so she and Herman Lee gave Rueben a card from that team. If you will look close you will see that he would not touch it with his hands. He used is shirt to protect his hand from the "dirty" card. It was hilarious to watch. I am laughing uncontrollably in the background.
Ruben continues with the "dirty" card from the National team

Now he is happy, he has stuff with the colors of "his" team (Penarol). Black and Yellow
Showing of his new Penarol hat, he loved it!
and Janice love the Ferrero Rocher candies that Ruben gave to her
The Hermana's and Ruben getting ready to leave the house and go to work Christmas Afternoon.
We celebrated Christmas Eve by lighting sparklers


  1. I am glad to see you guys aren't starving. My mouth was watering the whole time I was looking at these pictures. Miss you guys! Love you tons.

  2. Your return will be our gain, but whatever are these sweet Uruguayan people going to do when you leave?! They LOVE you!

  3. Mitch wrote a comment but now it's my turn! Wow the pics are great! Your Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas breakfast looked better than ours! Also I didn't like the pic of the spider that thing has eyes big enough for me to see gross!!!! I bet the youth and people love you guys so much especially when you make cinnamon twists ;) love ya!