We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures of the Mission

One of our Office lunches. On the right we have Elder's Parraga (ecuador) Session (Wisconsin), Heaps (Utah) Bennett (Utah) Jacobson (Utah). On the Left we have Elder's Zanutini (Argentina) Hegerhorst (Washington) Van Wagenen (Utah) Baker (Montana). Today is was Elder Zanutini's turn to decide what was for lunch and his choice was tacos.

Janice standing by one of the many little 3 wheel trucks they have here. Janice is 5' 4" tall to give you an idea of how tiny the trucks are!

This is one of hundreds of horse drawn carts you see all over the city. The owners go through the garbage and salvage anything of value and put into the carts. I don't know how they turn the stuff into cash but it a very effective recycling system the city does not have to pay for. The horse and carts are on the city streets along with the cars and trucks. It is amazing there are not more accidents.

Starting on the right we have Elder Powers, Solomon, Jacobson & Sessions. This was taken inside the van during the week of changes in September. Powers was going home, Solomon was transfered out of the office to be a District leader in Durazno, Jacobson was transferred in to take Solomons place as a Financial Secretary and Sessions continued on as a Financial Secretary.

We got locked out of the office and tried to get in thru the 2nd story window with no luck.
Elder Powers being help up by Solomon and Hegerhorst


  1. Well meeting Menossi gave me a whole new perspective on what it is like in a new country. It was like I was in another country because I was learning portugese words and learning about different foods and things in Brazil and also listening to him speak his english, sometimes it was a little hard to understand. So in a way I kind of got to see what it would be like in your shoes. I can see how it would be so frustrating to not be able to communicate easily but Mitch says he has seen Menossi go from no english to communicating great. It will come just pray. I also have had a great experience this week with prayer. My family has prayed so hard for my sister to find someone to be with and have even fasted for her because it is so hard for all of us to see her not experience the joys we do. Well it sounds like our prayers have been answered and it feels so good. Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers but in his own time table. We don't know when or how they will be answered but he will always answer. So don't give up on the language, hang in there, we have been praying for you guys and the language to come easier. Know that you are in many of our family members prayers as well. I appreciate you guys setting an example to all of our family, by doing what you are suppose to by serving a mission. Mitch said the first 6 months of his mission were the hardest and then it was fun after that. Just remember it is a short time in your lives and that soon you will be back to your old lives like you never left but you will be so much stronger in the gospel because of your experiences. It was great to talk with you tonight and we miss you both! Love you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos we loving getting a sneak peak at your lifes now! It looks like a lot of hard work, but fun too!!!