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May 19th 2011.

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June 12, 2011

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week 9 in Montevideo

Sunday September 6
We were picked up this morning by the assistants Elder Parraga & Zanutini. The Secretaries Elder Baker & Van Wagenen needed the van so the assistants dropped Elder Sessions and Jacobson off at their investigators home and them stopped by to get us. It was Fast & Testimony meeting today. Alba came as promised and seemed to enjoy and participate in the meetings. The other 2 investigators that were there were 2 young men about 13 years old that stopped Elder Sessions and Jacobson on the street and told them they were bored and asked if they would teach them.
I am understanding a little bit more at Church, it is like listening a radio that is not tuned into the station and all you pick up is an occasional word and then it is back the the background noise. We both keep messing with the radio dials trying to find something to help us get tuned in better but the dial seems to be really stuck some times.
Janice made my favorite for lunch a very close duplicate of “pineapple chicken” from the Modern Restaurant in Walla Walla. It was great.
Monday September 7
Another day at the office......We prepared to teach our English class on Tuesday evening.
Tuesday September 8
Another day at the office....
We taught our English class in the Evening. When everyone finally arrive at class we had, Virginia, Flaviana, Valeria, Paola, Estaban. Bernardo was sick and could not come and Carolina was working. The class went pretty well. We took the Estar & Ser verbs from Spanish and explained what they mean in English. After the class we were invited to play volleyball on Wednesday at 8PM. Janice was talking with Virginia and mentioned that she needed a hair cut and Virginia arranged with a friend of hers to come to the house on Saturday morning and give Janice a haircut.
Wednesday, September 9
Another day at the office....
We played volleyball with the YSA at night it was great fun. There was 8 YSA that showed up. This was the first night they had played so the numbers should grow when the word gets out.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
I have gotten behind in my blog updates so I don't remember all that happened.

Saturday morning at 10AM Vichy and her friend came over and gave Janice a short hair cut. It looks great and it is a lot easier for her to take care of and when we walk to the bus stop it does not get as messed up in the wind. I think she likes it. When we get a package that Christina our daughter sent us we will have the battery charger for our camera and we can take pictures then I will post one of her new hair style.

Saturday we had an adult session of Stake Conference. For those that don't know a Stake is the name of an area which usually consists of about 8 to 10 Wards which are the geographical areas we divide our Church members into. This allows better organization and leadership so we can meet the needs of the members.
We walked to the Adult meeting and in the past the meeting have all started late and we have had to hang around until they got started. We arrived right on time and the meeting had already started and the Chapel was packed and we had to sit in the overflow area. The meeting of course was in Spanish and we understood very little. One of our Young Single Adults sat next to Janice and translated for her some of what was said. We had learned a strategy from one of the Temple missionary couples on how to get spiritually fed from the meetings when you cannot understand the language. They take the General Conference talks and the scriptures and reads them during the meeting time. We tried that and it helped.

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  1. Elder& Sister Hegerhorst
    Sounds like you are staying busy. It is good to read the blog and see how things are going. We are into fall, football, soccer, volleyball, and trying to stay up with all the kids. Had a birthday this week for one grand-daughter, Becky tried riding a Long Board and hurt her foot,hospital says strain not broken. Went fishing with Kody today, caught 25lb salmon. Molly has found a fellow, looks really good, they were in the Temple last night and both had a special experience. Who knows we may have a wedding before long. Anyway, I enjoy reading of your experiences and pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you healthy and safe.