We will be returning to Renton Washington
May 19th 2011.

Our Homecoming Report in the Soos Creek Ward will be
June 12, 2011

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are being Transfered to La Poloma

Monday September 27
We were called in the the Presidents office when he came to visit the office this morning! He said he had picked the most beautiful place in the Mission to send us. That is La Poloma which is a small community on the coast about 2 1/2 hours drive from Montevideo. It has a small Branch of about 10-20 active members in the area. He has assigned me to the the new Branch President and has given me 6 months to find and train my replacement. There are 2 missionaries serving in the area. One from the United State and one Latino. They are going to be critical to the success in the area. One will have to be our translater while we am learning more Spanish. They will be helping to get us housing and all the necessary things that occur when you are moving like transferring the Internet and other services into our names. You cannot image how frustrating it is not being able even make a simple telephone call the cancel your water service. We are completely dependent on someone else to help us. This is very hard when you are used to doing things yourself and not having to rely on others.

We have 2-1/2 days to prepare to leave. We will be moving on Thursday October 1st and will be without Internet Service for an undetermined amount of time. We are not sure what type service we will be able to get so we may not be able to Skype or call from La Poloma. When we are back on line I will notify you somehow. Probably by posting a notice here on the Blog. You can send emails but I will not be able to answer them until we are back online. Pray for us that we will be able to make the transistion to the new area and all will be well!


  1. Good luck guys! I am sure Heavenly Father has big plans for you both there. With all the prayers that have been given on your behalf I am sure this area will be a huge blessing for you. We will continue to pray for you and hope the move goes well and that you will once again have internet to talk to us, otherwise we will have to rely on snail mail. Either way know that we love you and that we are feeling the blessings in our lives everyday you serve.

  2. so i just tried looking up la poloma uruguay and i only found la paloma. Is that the same? I guess paloma in spanish means dove. So maybe this area will be nice and peaceful afterall ;)

  3. That is so EXCITING! Congrats and best wishes with your new adventures. I bet the work in that area will just grow and the people will really love you. You are in our prayers.

    Love Your Guts!!!